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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tool #7

I collaborated with the Spring Woods HS director to come up with this:

-Students will be given the opportunity to participate in Eric Whitacre's virtual choir. 

-Content objective: the learner will learn a piece of choral music with online tutorials and while working with the videos of Eric Whitacre conducting. The learner will then record him/herself and upload the video to the appropriate site.

-Participants must complete their assignment before the deadline. All of the rules are outlined here: http://virtualchoir.ericwhitacre.com/

-Students will use internet, video recorders (iPad), and YouTube.

-Singers from around the world send in their recording of their part of this GREAT modern choral work. Then they get to see how it all works to blend and create a choir out of singers from all over the world!

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